Content warning for theme of depression and some written thoughts on depression.

Made withp5.js
Tags2D, Mental Health, Singleplayer
Code licenseUnlicense
Average sessionA few minutes


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This was very well done, and fun to play!

Thank you!

I am just amazed by this game! Mechanics and the feel of the person i am controlling just feels awesome. I feel like I need a tutorial though as I mindlessly ran from those black hole kinda things for about 5 minutes and still didn't understand what I was supposed to do. 

I really liked the sound effects and the music and I can understand why you would like to do a game with this theme.

I don't know if you'd like feedback but just a recommendation is that you can have a spawn animation for those black hole things as some of them just spawned in me and I lost the game.

I'd love to see some new levels and/or content for this game.

Well done overall!


Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it, and I'm really happy for your feedback---it is really helpful!

I can't necessarily promise I will add new levels, but your recommendations give me motivation to at least make the improvements.