Two-player game (grab someone nearby, or play against yourself - if you can!)
  This was built for integration with the MakeyMakey board.

  • Plug in three oranges to W, A, and S, and the other three to D, F, and G on Makey Makey board and line them up in those two groups in a row in that order (so each player has three oranges)
    • the center orange controls upward movement.
    • squeeze left and right oranges for acceleration on opposite directions
  • Each player should have contact with a wire from Ground on the MakeyMakey
    • connect a wire from Ground to a ring on a finger, for instance.
  • [optional] plug in two more fruits (like a couple bananas) to the UP and DOWN keys
    • these control pause and restart

For non-MakeyMakey version (different key-mappings for playing on a keyboard), play here:  rocket game

  • Green = +points! 
  • Red = -health
  • Blue = +health